The Rockets
Elmer Goodbody




My thoughts on the band


This line up of ' The Nightriders ' was EMI's signing and

recording 'artistes and they all remain close friends still


Dave Pritchard (Guitar)

Dave is a very private bloke, he can be very stubborn when he wants and doesn't stand fools lightly.  He has an amazing memory for dates and band events and I always find myself calling on him when I need to know when something happened.  Musically he is a rhythm metronome and loves to play tunes in his own very distinctive and innovative style.  We've worked together in many bands and line-ups over the years and will continue to do so for many more years yet to come.

Roger Spencer (Drums)

In the early days I very rarely said a word to the audience and relied entirely on Roger at the back to do all the chat.  He was the 'master' and still is in my opinion.  He has a silver tongue and chats with such ease and humour and it is thanks to him that they now can't shut me up.  He has a great sense of humour, on the same wave length as myself, he always makes me laugh.  He works much too hard these days, as a comedian, and I hope to see him starting to take things easier.  Rog loves performing and is still a good drummer and I would love to see him back behind the kit.

Greg Masters (Bass Guitar)

When we were on the road, Greg was our 'hard man'. If there was any trouble he would see us through it and he's saved our bacon many a time. It is hard to believe it now, but Greg was a leader in the 'fashion stakes' when we were together and was the first person we knew, to wear 'hipsters' with an outside zip!  Charlie Mingus was his inspiration and Greg became a highly rated bass player and possibly the first one that I know of to make and play a fretless bass.  He still plays great today, making it look effortless and I know he misses being on the road.

Roy Wood (Lead Guitar)

Well there's not much one can say about Roy that most people don't already know.  I have always found Roy to be quite a shy person, who would easily get bored and was always thinking and planning.  His style of dress was something else and usually was i.e. a potato sack with the corners cut out and painted winkle pickers a size too big.  Roy taught us how to harmonize and to tackle songs we would previously never have attempted.  He was and still is a very inventive musician with a vocal range to die for.  His past successes have all been well deserved.  He has always taken on a project, seen it through to success and then moved on to something new.  He hates to look back or rest on his past successes

When We Were Young at The Cedar Club


FRONT ROW      Terry Wallace, Danny Burns, Greg Masters, Mike Sheridan, Eddie Fewtrell

BACK ROW      Johnny Mann, Roy Wood, Rog Spencer, Ace Kefford, Dave Pritchard