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I started school at the age of 5 attending Trinity Terrace Infant School in Camp Hill which is just about standing today. I remember my first day, when I actually thought school was over at dinner time and I made my own way home, which was practically next door. I wasn't too pleased when Mom took me back.
It was very strange to recently stand outside the school and realise how very small it actually was!
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Hope Street School today
now neglected - having taken
'plenty of stick'

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           Trinity Terrace Church



We lived opposite an old bombsite
and every year Bob Wilson's Funfair
would pay a visit. It was great fun
bright lights and lots of music.
I started attending Hope Street School.
A very tough school, you didn't mess around there. My good friend comedian Johnny Carroll also attended Hope Street and he's done alright!
This is my mate Brian Withers and yours truly rehearsing our SHADOWS steps, notice he has
the better guitar- a very nice Hofner..................

Although my memory is not so good today, I can still remember back to 1950 when I used to wait outside the papershop to buy my 'Sunny Stories'.  From then on I was an avid Enid Blyton fan reading and collecting anything written by her.  As previously mentioned I even received a letter from her after sending in my illustrations.

When the Sunny Stories series stopped, Enid had her own Magazine called 'Enid Blytons magazine' and I became a member of her 'Busy Bees' Club. When I was about 10 I arranged a 'back yard' variety show with some school friends and we raised £3.00 in pennies (which was a lot of money then) for the Busy Bees club.  I remember doing a George Formby routine with a frying pan as a ukelele - I reckon this must have been what gave me a taste of things to come.  We had a mention in her magazine (I would love a copy of this mag if anybody out there has one!)  I was amazed when looking on ebay recently, to come across a copy of Sunny Stories - and here it is!